Swim Zone Morrinsville


Opening Hours

21 November 2016 - 19 March 2017

General admittance                       6am - 5pm

Lane swimming (weekdays)           5pm - 6pm

Weekends                                    10am - 5pm


Inflatable Toys

Available every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 12 - 2pm

From January 4 until January 27.

Children under 8 must be actively supervised by a care giver 16 or over.
Actively supervised means: Watching your children at all times and able to
provide immediate assistance

Main Pool

Our main pool is (50m x 15.5m) - it's the only olympic length pool in the district and is home to the Morrinsville

Swimming Club. The water is heated (usually around 28-31 degrees - the perfect temperature to play, but not too hot for a good workout! Morrinsville2

This pool is always supervised by qualified lifeguards, and has a ramp for disabled access to and from the pool.

Toddler's Pool

The toddlers pool is ideal for kids of any age - the shallow pool depth means young ones can safely play in the water without getting out of their depth. This pool is also heated, meaning kids will stay and play in the pool for longer. This pool is supervised by lifeguards, but we ask for parents to stay within arm's reach of their children at all times.

Learner's Pool

We also have a smaller pool (15.5m x 6.2m) ideal for learning to swim or exercise.


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